A menu unlike any you have ever seen.

What is it?


laCarte is a menu unlike any you have ever seen. Create a unique experience to your customers by offering a sophisticated and innovative way to present your products. Ideal for hotels, bars and restaurants, laCarte has the autonomy and simplicity missing in other digital menu solutions.

Simply download the application to have a fully customizable menu. Faster and more practical than any other solution available, laCarte does not demand any additional or recurrent costs, internet access or other computers and servers.


Only with laCarte you:

  • Get a configurable menu directly through the iPad;
  • Can add an unlimited amount of dishes and categories;
  • Can add a different photo for each product offered;
  • Have options to customize the menu and give it your look.


Your establishment is unique and, unlike other solutions, with laCarte you can customize your menu the way you want. Apply your logo, change the background and change the color scheme of the menu with ease.

Take advantage of all the benefits of a digital menu. Add or remove products, change prices, descriptions and images has never been so simple. It takes just a few touches to modify the details of your products.

Forget the cost of reprinting and gain freedom to modify your menu and the availability of dishes and products at any time.

Provide the best possible experience for your customers with a beautiful design, simple and intuitive navigation, zoomable photos and quick search for products.

A unique and innovative product, this is laCarte!



See below the answers to the most frequently asked questions about laCarte application. For more details, read our User Manual.

How can I purchase laCarte digital menu?

laCarte digital menu is sold through the App Store. The process of buying, installing and updating is the same as any other application.

How much does laCarte cost?

For a limited time, the application will be available for the special price of $ 19.99.

Is there any extra or recurrent charge?

No. laCarte digital menu only costs $19.99 and there is no extra charge.

Do I need to hire a service or company to manage the digital menu?

No. The user has control over the entire menu content.

How do I manage the content of the menu?

All menu content can be controlled through the iPad, with no need for any other software or hardware. For more details, see the User Manual.

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  • iPad or iPad 2 (Wi-Fi ou Wi-Fi + 3G)
  • iOS 4.0 or later


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